Matthew Suplee, Alison Cole and I curate an annual event exploring the known and the unknown as we know it called Spaceness on the Long Beach Peninsula in Seaview, Washington. In 2015, I did a performance on the beach titled, "She Sells Seashells" that was an intuitive expression at sunrise inspired by sperm whales, Scout's papier-mâché ham costume in the film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird, the dancing oysters in an Alice in Wonderland made-for-TV movie, and my pregnancy. For the second round I created a sequel to the performance in 2015.  In a shadow-puppet theatre I constructed a myth around the planet, or former planet Pluto.  In the story Pluto becomes sad when stripped of his title, shrinks and falls to earth ending up at the bottom of the ocean in an oyster shell.  He becomes a pearl and is eaten with the oyster, and the woman who consumes him becomes pregnant.  Pluto transforms into a twinkle in the baby's eye and in the loving interactions between mother and child Pluto becomes happy again and twinkles home.  This story has been written in two forms and will become a children's book in its forthcoming rendition.