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the animal in the moon perfume

the animal in the moon perfume
the animal in the moon is one of my personal favorites to wear, a subtle sweet and smoky mix of tobacco, vetiver and ylang notes.

it is named for a fable, and was first presented in an exhibition at cal. state long beach called "alchemy."

Round Photo Credits:
Photographer: Walter Lockwood,
Model, Annie Montgomery,
MUAH Kristina Raeleen,
Styling: ME!

All of my fragrances are considered unisex.

Perfumes are available in 1 oz. amber bottles, and are atomized. I see them not as products, but as ephemeral sculptures, which is why the bottle is simple and utilitarian.

The carrier, or base is 83% organic witch hazel, and the perfume oils used are a mix of organic, natural essentials, commercially produced essences, and absolutes.

Please allow 2 up to weeks for shipping, as some ingredients may be in transit. It will usually not take that long, as I am constantly replenishing my stock. They are not commercially bottled, so variations will exist due to their being mixed, and decanted by hand. Treat them as you would any other art piece.

These perfumes are for topical use only. People with sensitive skin, women who are pregnant, or people with specific allergies, or sensitivities and ailments should use them with caution. Apply the perfume to a small test area of the skin, as this will help to control the location of any possible irritation.

I am including these warnings simply for your safety. "It's also about educating the public to perform a patch test, or perhaps wear the perfume in their hair, on their clothing, or on a cotton or wool pad inside a piece of jewelry to diffuse the scent. In fact, the oldest way of wearing perfume is in the hair or on clothing or fabric - and you'll be amazed how long the scent lasts!" (from