mother naturalist

Originally Mother Naturalist was conceived of as an exhibition about creating a childhood for my son, but the struggle to manifest objects and sketches among dirty diapers, breastfeeding and mushy peas has become a year-long study in what it is to be an artist who has given birth--looking at the body, materials, and space differently. 

I have long used autobiographical experience as a catalyst for my work. Becoming a mom caused me to consider carefully how I would continue in my practice, which is part performance and part pseudo-anthropological experiment.  I have sought a tender balance in the use of real life documentation. The result is a series of foraged portraits, partial views, and momentary captures.  I have created some of these through film/performance pieces and social media/branding experiements.  A featured piece in the show is an international game of exquisite corpse played between myself and two other artist mothers: Camilla Løhren Chmiel in Norway, and Megan Schvaneveldt in Montana, who have pieces in the exhibit, and have shared in the year’s struggles and triumphs with me.