billboard art project

For Billboard Art Project text was appropriated from the region's Craigslist personal ads and presented through the large-scale advertisement of a digital billboard.  A number of the pieces were censored because of their content.

The exhibition in San Bernardino - Corona-Riverside, CA was on Friday, December 2, 2011 from 7:44* to 11:59 p.m. (technical difficulties made this an approximation) and was shown at: 2:56am, 6:34am, 10:12am, 1:50pm, 5:28pm, and 9:06pm.  The exhibition in Reading, PA was on October 22, 2011, and was shown at: 12:49am, 3:31am, 6:11am, 8:49am, 11:26am, 2:03pm, 4:40pm, 7:17pm, and 9:53pm